Romancing with History

1:25 pm

"Architecture is about experiences: not only visual but also what you can touch, what you can feel"

History, Architecture, Culture, Languages, Rituals and many more like these things are our weaknesses. So whenever encounter any destination offering such things, we pack our bags and just fly out. 

This time it was Gujarat, which is synonyms of rich history, vibrant culture and grandeur of architecture. 

Gujarat is rich in history which covers impressive colonial architecture, many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and several ancient temples. The state is indeed a paradise for all the history lovers as it is blessed with jaw-dropping feats accomplished by ancient civilizations.

The glorious Gujarat is home to many ancient city ruins, palaces, forts, tombs and stepwells which stands proudly bearing testimony to the golden era of dynasties.

This is how we Romanced with History...

Happy Travelling !!

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