An Arabian Night under the Stars

6:51 pm

After exploring the Golden fort, beautiful carved Havelis and Gadissar lake in last two days, we now headed towards the Sam sand dunes of Great Indian Thar Desert, Somewhere 40 km from the city. Passing few kilometres we started witnessing the deserted, arid, barren lands. Shurbs and scrubs were the only vegetation of these region, on which the local cattles fully depends for their food. On the way we saw some shepherd with herd of their cattles, which looks very winsome. The barren desert looks more appealing while reflecting the golden rays of Sun. 

On the way we first stopped at Kuldhara: The abandoned or haunted village; Once inhibited by prosperous Paliwal Brahmins. Lots of weirdest and zestful stories you can listen here, regarding this cursed village. Some says the dwindling water supply, compelled them to leave Kuldhara. Some other claims that, once deewan of rulling kingdom saw the young daughter of the village chief, and wanted to marry her. On denial he gave a deadline for the marriage. Because of the persecution by Deewan Salim Singh, all 84 villagers gathered together one night and for the pride & honor decided to leave the village in the dark night. Whatever be the story, but the ruined walls, mud houses without roof looks very spooky. Without challenging the history or nature, we moved to our final destination. 

After half an hour of drive we reached Sam, famous for stunning sunset. Apart from the hullabalo of city, perfect calmserene place, where only your echoes will disturb you. Waiting for the enthralling sunset, it was a pleasure to experience camel safari. 

Sun started settling down and we were ready to witness some of the most fascinating sunsets. From red and orange, Sun slowly-slowly changing the colors of desert into splashy palette. Sky looks like bleeding, when Sun goes down in the desert. Sun playing hide & seek in the high hills of desert. The Great Thar looks like bathed in red & orange. The environment became so artistic that, one can't forgot it through its lifetime.  And after that, darkness started to immure the complete Thar, and we have to now move towards our camps with delectable memories. 

The decoration of camp was now totally changed, and looks much more beautiful in light. The dancing & singing folk artists, bonfire in the middle and various feat performed by these folk artists impressed the audience very much. 
After tasting the various Rajasthani delicacies, we were now realaxing under the stars in the moonlight.

Closing eye and start wishpering after seeing the shooting stars, romancing with desert in moonlight, capturing the star trails, shivering in open air but feeling & grasping the warm memories for lifetime, started trekking in the desert from 04 o'clock morning, these all now seems fairytales, when recollecting the old memories. 

It was really an Arabian night for us, where Aladdin came to fulfill all of our dreams.

Happy Travelling!!

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