Jama Masjid : Essence of Faith, Love and Mughal architecture

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It was a hot humid saturday, still we planned to have a walk of The Mecca of India: Jama Masjid, as the pious month of ramdaan was about to end. 

Passing through the narrow lanes of bustling Chawri Bazaar, when we reached, the beautiful architecture mesmerised us. It was a totally different experience as encountering this first time.

The austere grandeur of this structure impressed at the first glimpse. Towering over Old Delhi, the magnificent façade of Jama Masjid stands as the reminder of Mughal architecture. Built from red sandstone and white marble, the edifice was dominating the busy Old Delhi.

The mosque faces west towards the Holy city of Mecca. Three sides of the mosque are covered by open arched colonnades, featuring a lofty tower-like archway in the center. The roof of the mosque is capped with three marble domes with alternating striping in black and white marble. 

The huge courtyard in front of the mosque  can accommodate 25,000 individuals during prayer. On Eid, thousands of reverent Muslims throng the mosque to offer special Eid Namaz in the morning. 

The hauz, in the center of the courtyard, is an ablution tank for washing hands, face and feet before entering the main building for prayer. It symbolizes the ritual of baptism needed to enter the community of believers. 

One of the best examples of Mughal architecture, this 350 years old shrine looks more alluring in lights. 

People from all grades praying with their folded hands, echoing aayeten, melodious Azaan and thereafter having collective Iftaar, making the whole environment pious and festive. 

The beauty of Jama Masjid lies in its simplicity and its simplicity make this splendid Mughal architecture vivid and live, which one can experience easily in the premises of this holy shrine.

Happy Travelling !!

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