Mithila: Beyond Madhubani Painting

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This time traveling Madhubani was not like earlier ones, the purpose was to explore and experience the vibrant culture, architectural grandeur and custom and traditions, and to bring the world face to face with the golden era of Mithila. 

Now a days Mithila is being remembered only due to its distinguished Paintings, known as Madhubani Painting, but apart from this there are lot more whose impressions will remind you lifetime, once you visit the interiors of this region. 

Whether you are looking for a vibrant landscape, beautiful architectures or rich cultural belief, this region will not disappoint you. If you love literatures, you will find this region as a home of scholars like Vidyapati, Kalidas, Gargi, Yagvalakya, Baba Nagarjun and many more. 

Where Darbhanga Raj Palace, Fort Balirajgarh, Devi Ahilyasthan, Uchhaith Shakti Peeth, Rajnagar Palace, Khawaja Dih showcasing its historical, Jhijian, Sama-Chakewa is reflecting the cultural height of this region. 

As the places were more and time was less, we choose to explore Rajnagar Fort first.

Ruins of Rajnagar:

Traveling interiors of Madhubani, passing the lush green Mango orchards, eye-capturing the golden Paddy fields and long standing bamboos, and witnessing the countryside people lifestyle, when you crossed these 14 KM you can't even realize.

Now you are in the middle of Rajnagar, which was once the centre of Darbhanga Maharaja Rameshwar Singh.

Once you reach the Rajnagar Palace complex, the beautiful architecture will astonish you. The colorful stone carving with colorful window glasses looks alluring.

The gates, which were so large to let an elephant along with its "Hauda" (a seat, may be with or without a canopy, carried on the back of an elephant or camel) can easily pass through. The giant sculptures of symmetrical elephants describing the craftsmanship of that time artisans. The white marbled temple, on the bank of pond surrounded by chattris looks so beautiful that it reminded us the Jaswant Tada of Jodhpur.

It is said that this Palace suffered extensive damage during the earthquake of 1934 and was not rebuilt thereafter.

Still after passing approximately 100 years of its collapse, it is shining and have full capacity to regain.

After seeing the condition of these heritages, eyes were wet and mind were not working. Why no one is caring about this glorious past of Mithila.

In returning, we were discussing only one thing - This glorious past can be saved, " If Govt of India or Bihar had taken care of this heritage wholeheartedly, surely it had capabilities to occupy one place in the top heritage sites of world."

To be continued......

Happy Travelling !!

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