Vrindavan: Beyond Temples

11:52 am

Vrindavan - Known as land of Radha-Krishna, or call it City of Temples or City of Ashrams or whatever you want to. 

This Vrindavan, apart from its centuries old association with Hindu mythology, has something different from other cities. The unique old essence of Vrindavan, which has lost over time, still can be experienced on the bank of Yamuna.

With the first golden ray of Sun till dawn, one can experience the the various forms of life at Keshi Ghat. From the life to the death, every stage of human being, can be witnessed here.

It is said that people come here to attain Moksha, but we witnessed the path to attain Moksha, while wandering through the narrow lanes of this holy city in the search of spritiual trance of divine love.

HappyTravelling !!

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