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We are so happy that you'd like to know more about us.

If you are wondering, what दो-घुमक्कड़ is, then its all about two nomadic soul searching the inner peace through travelling. Most of our friends call us घुमक्कड़, so here's the travelography of दो-घुमक्कड़.

Gargi Manish Story

Gargi Manish a traveller, nature lover and adventurer extraordinaire from Bihar, India.
Travelling has long been a passion for us. We love to travel because we love the challenge of unexpected and unknown. We want to experience the world through the eyes of local and our lenses, not as a tourist.
We like exploring places by connecting the dots with its history, culture and people.
In this blog, we try to frame the vibrancy of the landscapes, the architectural grandeur of monuments or the cultural & social values of people and make a short, honest and interesting stories on our photographs.

About Gargi Manish

Explorer and debater. Writer and teacher. Philosopher and Photographer.

These are all professions that Gargi Manish has very little skills and attributes in, but that doesn’t stop her from trying.

Someone who never accepted the unremarkable to be part of her life. She has endless energy and always optimistic about her acts. She is an Engineering graduate, and with an all-encompassing passion and love for travel, she endeavours to bring her enthusiasm for life to the far corners of the globe and inspire other घुमक्कड़ to do the same.

Gargi is an extremely adventurous person who loves reading/writing poetry, meeting new people from different corners of the world and sharing memories. She is the main writer of the stories on  दो-घुमक्कड़ & all the pictures on  दो-घुमक्कड़ carries her signature.